For Business owners, forming a business is a courageous step on the road to creating wealth and personal independence and freedom. In business, your day is always complete with many challenges. Dependent on the business and your daily role in it, the issues that you as an owner deal with, are of course many and varied. It’s easy for the days, weeks and months to move by quickly without really taking a look at what is driving the business activity and direction. Almost everything that goes on in the business and the related business problems can appear to become almost automatic. As the owner or partner in the business, you will of course address and nurse every problem and situation with all the resources at your disposal to bring about solutions. All this day-to-day activity can sometimes leave some uncertainty around the direction the business is taking. Invariably, because things become automatic, you invariably don’t get enough ‘time-out’ to think creatively about where the business is going. Without this time, you aren’t afforded the opportunity to establish what you personally and professionally want out of the business, and to creatively design a clear strategy for the business. Without this strategic thinking time, you can just end up running a business with no clear mission for everyone to buy into, unclear values and ‘fire fighting’ related action plans.